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The place where we offer a multitude of options for those of you that live in other areas of the world or are visiting for any period of time. All of our state of the art software will translate into a wide range of languages and currencies so that no matter your current location, we can still offer you all the same things that we can offer to our citizens here at home.
What We do
Here at Max Gaming, we are a revenue innovations laboratory and we create innovative ways to engage the public in a fee based social Gaming systemized capacity. We design and develop software which both educates and rewards the users on a group or one to one basis. Our development team is comprised of some of the brightest and forward thinking minds in the software development industry. Our games on all of our brands are developed in house and used on our gaming platforms. Our primary Brand, P2P sports bet, took nearly 3 years to develop and we are proud to offer this capability to the public in the form of our game or as a white label solution to gaming companies throughout the Globe.
  • Online One To One Or group Betting
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  • Realtime Bets & Payments
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Why Us
Max Gaming Group has some of the best security software available today on its side and identity or monetary thefts are essentially unheard of...
Winner Notification
Our winner notification system is spot on and will let you know right when your winnings are acquired and the instant they are deposited to you...
Real Time Data & Feeds
Max Gaming Group offers you real-time data information feed that is completely accurate and updated instantly when new information is...
Free Action Game
Max Gaming Group offers a wide range of free actions games that give you the chance to try out a number of games for free and actually earn gaming...
Quick Payments
There’s little more frustrating in the gambling game than being either jilted out of your winnings or having to wait days, weeks or even longer to see...
Multi Language & Multi Currency
Never will you have to struggle with currency conversion, wondering how you will get our winnings into your account or whether or not you visit...
Our Brand
What's New in Development at Max Gaming
Coming in 2018, Asian Lottery, and Horse Racing in UAE and CHINA...
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